Personalise Your Memories

Personalise Your Memories: A Guide to Choose the Right Photo Calendar

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A photo calendar is the most simple and direct way to cherish the most wonderful memories of your life. Every time you glance at your work table, or coffee table, a strong image can take back you in time – making you forget the pains of your daily chores. This is the power of photo calendars.

However, photo calendars come in different shapes, sizes, templates, print quality, designs etc. Each element can have a different impact on how you feel. For example, even a photo calendar with good photos, but of poor print quality can make you feel bored looking at it. So it is very important to choose the specific photo calendar based on your requirements.

Here are some of the things you need to look out for, when you are selecting a photo calendar.

There are two types of calendars: Wall & Table
You need to decide where you want to revisit your memories. On the wall? Or on the table? A wall calendar makes a good choice for homes, or large offices where it can be viewed from large distance. But if you want to keep your memories personal and simple, then can opt for table calendars.
However, wall calendars require you to hang them on the wall using a nail. But table calendars are simple and can be placed on any surface.

Type of paper: Glossy or Matt finish

Glossy finish gives a smooth and shiny finishing on the surface. Matt finish gives a hard and strong edge on the surface. These details are very important while designing the calendar. Because, they can make the photo calendars look totally different by adding different aesthetic appeal.

Photo alignment: Portrait or landscape

These simple alignments can create different type of impression on the viewer. Portrait alignment is suitable for close-up of people. Landscape type is better to capture a larger photo area – perhaps a family photo, or a photo of your memorable vacation.

Photo size

Online photo calendar creators provide amazing offers. You can print large photo calendars for low prices. Though the pricing may seem attractive and push you to opt for large sizes – you need to keep the aesthetics of the place in mind. For example, a large wall calendar in a small room can ruin the beauty of the room by appearing odd. Or if a table has lots of content, a very small table calendar can go unnoticed. Hence, choosing the right size of the photo calendar is very important.

Rethinking the idea of calendars

Generally calendars are aligned year-wise, i.e. they follow January to December pattern. However, online calendar printers such as Mergepix provides 12-month option starting from any day in a year. Hence, a personalised calendar can not only be customised based on the images, but also based on the timeline. Personalised calendars can be started from a birthday, or an anniversary date etc.

Personalised calendar can be both personal and professional

Personalised calendars invoke many feelings: Nostalgia to Motivation. People usually think personalised calendars contains your photos. But you can create calendars by inserting photos of your favourite celebrity, or a motivational speakers, successful leaders or even powerful inspirational lines that keep you hopeful and motivated. You can gift such calendars to anyone: your kids, professors, neighbours, colleagues etc. based on their interests.
This is perhaps the most memorable time in our lives. Most of us are staying indoors, working from home. So why not take some moments to forget about the negativities portrayed by news? Motivate yourself with the best of memories with a simple yet powerful personalised photo calendar by Mergepix.