Personalised Wall Calendars

Personalised Wall Calendars- A Creative Showcase

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Technology has digitised even the most special of our memories. People today, resort to cloud albums than creating physical documents. And while they bring a greater degree of convenience to the table, they do very little in terms of adding the due emphasis on these trinkets from our lives. Physical pictures not only serve as a reminder for important dates but also decorates the walls of our houses. I’m sure some of you must have thought about some marvelous photo calendar ideas to brighten up your walls with.

Personalized wall calendars are not only fun to create but also treasure your memories at home or work. You can visit the MergePix site and create your own customized wall calendars online in a jiffy.

Here’s our list of some amazing photo calendar ideas:

Now you can keep your family close to you even from far away. Get the homely feeling whenever you see your personalized wall calendar with pictures of your loved ones. Be it summer vacations, festivals with family, your baby’s first birthday, any picture with your family deserves a place on your wall. They bring out the essence in life.

Across the world
The next time you’re off exploring some of the best places in the world, don’t forget to capture those amazing sites around you. Vacations are one of the best times to travel and to make memories by seizing every precious moment in your camera. Collect your best travel memories with your friends, family, sunsets, and landmarks into astonishing photo wall calendars.

Furry Friend
If you are an animal lover and have dogs or cats in your home, there’s no better way to show appreciation to your furry friends than by collating their pictures together into a wall calendar. You can preserve the wonderful memories with them by clicking pictures as they grow bigger from a puppy to a handsome dog. Photos of their playtime, bathing time, cuddling with you deserve a special place on your wall calendar.

Your Paintings
Your paintings are not meant to lie in the corner of your house or the storeroom. Show off the hard work, creativity, and effort you put into your paintings by clicking pictures of them and printing a wall calendar. It is one of the best ways to showcase your talent to your visitors.

Yummy Dishes
Bring your dishes to life every month by displaying them on your monthly wall calendar. You can arrange the pictures of the dishes according to each season or you can feature a different dish every month. Your cooking skills deserve a special place in your wall calendar.

Friends For Life
Lifelong friendships are the most beautiful thing in our lives and the moments cherished with our friends always have a special place in our hearts.Regardless of how old we grow, we always remember the moments with our dear friends— the shenanigans at school, the endless sleepovers, the craziest memories, and much more. You can make a personalized wall calendar with the best memories of your besties. It is also a great way to re-live your best memories and gift your BFFs memories that have a personal touch to them.