Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs- A gift to be remembered by

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If we ever made a list of the most basic gifts ever received – mugs would always be somewhere at the top. They are so casually passed around that most of the time, it only looks like it was bought as an afterthought.

But the same mug, when personalised and made relevant can express strong emotions, and make you look like you put a lot of thought in your gift. They can make for a great gift and help distinguish you from the others.

But how do you design personalised mugs? And how do you ensure that the gift you’re giving isn’t a cheap paintjob, but a memory that’ll persist?

Personalised mugs are usually of two kinds — photo mugs and magic mugs. Photo mugs give you the ability to are customise them by print photos of your choice on their surfaces.

But what about magic cups? And what do they do? Simply put - magic cups are specially designed wherein the picture imprinted on the surface of the mug is only visible when a hot liquid is poured in it. It is also known as the ‘color changing mug’ – since the mug gets back to its original color once the liquid in it cools down.

These magic cups or color changing cups work on the principle or thermochromism. What this technical term means is that — the mugs are covered with a heat-sensitive paint. The pain absorbs the temperature of the surface and changes when you pour hot liquid like tea or coffee is poured in it.

As more customers demand for customised gifts in India, the personalised mugs - both photo mugs and magic mugs - are rising in demand. With the rise in demand, personalised mugs are also providing greater customisation.

Take for example – MergePix. As a personalised photo product brand, MergePix provides full control over your images over both photo and magic mugs. With an ‘easy to use’ software – you can crop, rearrange, build collages, change layouts and add filters to your images so your mug looks exactly the way you want it to.

But beyond just assuring image and design standards, MergePix also ensures that the final product is equally good quality. MergePix’s magic mug is made of ceramic and weighs 11 oz – which is both sturdy and easy to carry.

Plus you can bypass the hassle of visiting brick and mortar stores and get your cups delivered to your doorstep by ordering online. All you need to do is – open the website, use the software to design how the cup looks like, and leave the rest to us! We dispatch your mug within 48 hours from purchase so that you don’t have to wait much for it.

With personalised designs, you can ensure that the gift is tailored to each occasion, be it – birthdays, Valentine’s day, or anniversaries. And with a memory imprinted on a daily-use item like a cup, you can rest assured that you will always be remembered.

Personalised mugs are a very low cost, yet impressing gift that brings a sure smile on whoever you gift it to. So go ahead, and order one for your next event and be remembered for your thoughtfulness.

Next time when you have any event, be it someone’s anniversary, valentine’s day, birthday, Raksha Bandhan, or even friendship day, go for the personalised magic mug and touch the hearts of your near and dear ones.