Frame You Best Memories

Treasuring Your Best Memories in Photo Frames

photo frame sample

Photo frames are the best way to exhibit affection to your loved ones. Be it the reliving childhood memories, joyous celebrations with your family, or reliving a moment of accomplishment from the past, personalised photo frames capture the moment and bring you back to re-living your memories.

After having a tedious day at the office, it is natural to seek a moment of affection, care, and support from the people most important to you. With personalised photo frames, you can always have a cup of coffee with your loved one at your office and relive a moment of happiness before jumping back to the grind. It requires a tiny space at the corner of your table but brings you gallons of happiness in return.

Personalised photo frames also make for a very thoughtful gift for your loved ones and goes a long way to strengthen your bond with them.

But who is going to take the hassle of getting a photo printed then running to another store to get it framed? What if, there was a simpler way to get it done? That too from the comfort of your sofa and without having to move a limb?

MergePix helps you build your personalised photo frames online. The entire process only takes a few clicks, is effortless, and supremely fast so you don’t have to wait on your photo frame for long.

To create your personalised photo frame, you just need to follow these simple steps:

• First, you have to choose whether you want your frame in landscape or portrait mode.

• Second, you need to choose the size based on the frame-mode you had selected. Mergepix offers you a wide range of sizes on personalised photo frames— 4”x6”, 8”x6”, 10”x8”, 12”x8”, 15”x12”, 18”x12”.

• Third, choose the type of frame that you want— black, off-white, wood texture, maroon, light wood.

• Fourth, you just have to design you're your pictures with the Mergepix design tool that is very easy to use as you have full control over your pictures with the ability to crop, rearrange, build collages, change layouts or add filters to your image.

• Finally, once you make the payment, Mergepix ships the photo frame to your doorstep in just 48 hours.

Mergepix provides you with a wide range of sizes and types of photo frames, including a few popular varieties like the wood (light and dark), black, and off-white frames.

Wood, being a natural material provides a warm and classic feel. Wooden frames are generally of two types— dark and light, and provide you numerous options of complementing and contrasting your pictures. Pictures with a warmer tone like brown, orange, or red generally look good with the darker wooden frames, whereas, cool-colored pictures like blue or green look good in light-colored wooden frames.

Selecting a wooden frame also depends on the décor in your home or your room. Therefore, be sure to match your frame accordingly, be it classic, rustic, chic, or traditional.

A solid-colored frame like black or off-white helps accentuate the beauty of the photograph. Black frames are known to provide a formal and elegant look, whereas off-white frames are more casual and electric in nature.

A black frame accounts for greater contrast with lighter photographs, and seamlessly blends in with the darker hues within. It is best to use a photograph with light and dark tones so that it creates a balanced finish.

Off-white frames work best with casual and candid pictures as it makes the darkness in the photos stand-out.

You can also choose to use black-and-white images in these solid colored frames as they provide an artistic look to your wall.