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A Gift that Comes with the Wow Factor: Magic Mugs

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Who doesn't like to savour a cup of tea or a cup of coffee? It's a daily ritual for almost everybody. That is why mugs can be found in a home's kitchen cupboard. With this in mind, mugs have quickly become the most common gift item. But now there's a craze for mugs with personalised patterns. Ceramic mug printing facilities are widely available in the industry to meet this need of customers.

What is Magic Mug?
The magic mug is one of the most well-known personalised gifts. When hot tea or espresso is poured into the cup, the image imprinted on the surface magically appears. It's also known as a color-changing mug because the mug's color fades when it gets too bright. When the mug cools to room temperature, it returns to its original condition.
Personalised magic cups are in high demand in India due to the growing demand for customisable gifts. Mergepix offers special Magic Mug category where you can find magic mugs in a variety of colors and shapes. Black, blue, and red are the most popular colors for magic mugs. The shot in the black colored magic cup, out of the three, is usually undetectable at room temperature. In this way, the magical result in the black magic mug is at its finest. The photographs printed on the exterior surface of red or blue mugs, on the other hand, would be faintly noticeable at room temperature.

Print your Special Memories on Magic Mugs
Mergepix offers several magic mugs models for all times, so you can personalise the mug with your photos based on the occasion. You'll almost always see a smile on the face of the person receiving the gift as they see their image appear mystically on the mug. The ideal present for surprising others at a reasonable price.

Magic mugs are the perfect gifting option for ever special occassion, such as a birthday, graduation, valentine's day, rakhi, friendship day, house warming ceremony etc. Consider giving a handmade magic mug as a present; we are certain that your gift will be greatly appreciated.

Advantages of Buying Magic Mugs Online
When purchasing something online, it is usually shipped within a week. It is simple to pick the correct mug since shops hold a large range to make the mug more customised. You can get any mug you like in a variety of colors and styles, with your favorite picture and quote on it. In the case of text, fonts and colors may be chosen to fit the user's preferences. The individual who uses a customised mug reveals a lot about themselves. A sensible quote on the mug can be a decent substitute for making a positive impact.