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Polaroid Photos: A Timeless Format for Your Memories

The iconic polaroid photo, taken with the simple yet popular vintage camera, has made a comeback in recent years. Offering a nostalgic experience for amateur and professional photographers...Read More

Personalized Coffee Mugs- A Gift to be Remembered by

If we ever made a list of the most basic gifts ever received – mugs would always be somewhere at the top. They are so casually passed around that most of the time...Read More

Treasuring Your Best Memories in Photo Frames

Photo frames are the best way to exhibit affection to your loved ones. Be it the reliving childhood memories, joyous celebrations with your family...Read More

Personalized Wall Calendars- A Creative Showcase

Technology has digitized even the most special of our memories. People today, resort to cloud albums than creating physical documents. And while they bring a greater degree...Read More

A Gift that Comes with the Wow Factor: Magic Mugs

Who doesn't like to savour a cup of tea or a cup of coffee? It's a daily ritual for almost everybody. That is why mugs can be found in a home's kitchen cupboard. With this in mind...Read More

Why Personalized Table Calendars by Mergepix is the Best Gift Ever

Let’s admit! Life is short and quick. We are living a world which is moving in fast pace! We are spoiled by too many choices – whether with posts of Instagram feed or movies list on Netflix. ...Read More

How to bring your memories to life?

Even as the world came to a standstill in 2020, we gave ourselves reasons to take 1.4363 trillion photos - some gloomy, some uplifting, some just capturing the wide range ...Read More

Personalize Your Memories: A Guide to Choose the Right Photo Calendar

A photo calendar is the most simple and direct way to cherish the most wonderful memories of your life. Every time you glance at your work table, or coffee table...Read More

It was a year of photobook-worth memories

The pandemic and the consequent lockdown have forced us to stay inside our homes without giving much options to travel. But it has also allowed us to spend more time with our loved ones...Read More